18k gold collectıon

Solid Gold: one of the precious metals that will not oxidize or discolor, since it is the least reactive metal.

Our Solid 18k Gold jewelry is imported from Italy because of the
higher quality gold alloy which gives our pieces their lasting shine, and durability.

No Compromises

Unlike cheaper rings covered with cut-price gold plating and offered at many online/offline jewelry outlets, our pure 925 Sterling Silver Gold-Bonded Rings get three generous coats of solid 18k gold. So only the purest gold is in contact with your neck, leaving skin and jewelry tarnish-free

Italian made

We coat our pure 925 Sterling Silver Gold-Bonded Cuban and Rope chains with solid 18k gold up to 3 times the thickness of regular gold plating to ensure their tarnish-free longevity. Our chains are created in Italy and made to last. When cheaper models look worse for wear and lose their shine, our chains retain a golden glow that radiates with style and pure sophistication.


Every order is delivered in our elegant packaging.
- Luxury Box
- 2-year Warranty Card
- Certificate of Authenticity

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