Who We Are

Our History

Ottasilver, a business dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality men's jewelry, was founded by two brothers (Mustafa and Enes) in Istanbul in 2015.

Their story begins with selling random items on eBay, a business that quickly grew as the few jewelry items they put up quickly sold out with high demand. Mustafa and Enes saw an opportunity to provide people all over the world access to master craftsmen that they otherwise would not have access to throughout Istanbul’s famous Grand Bazaar‒one of the world’s oldest and largest markets in the world‒through the use of an online platform and social media. This would become a worthwhile service they could provide by creating value for others and revive the limited reach of experienced craftsmen. With this in mind, the brothers decided to expand their business and create an online men’s jewelry brand by bringing artisans together under a single banner.

What started out with 1 artisan in a small locality now has 20 different artisan groups and design lines, reaching a staggering 7 million people per month via social media. The brand also boasts a wide range of unique models, offering over 700 different pieces, and is looking to soon expand their range of products by recruiting master artisans from other countries. With so many products to choose from, Ottasilver’s goal is for everyone to find a range of appealing items that complements them..

Ottasilver prides itself on its service centered around customer satisfaction. The brand offers free shipping and free return worldwide. This means that you have the option of testing a piece of jewelry and replacing it until you are satisfied. Ottasilver has an office in the USA, UK, and Netherlands (to provide service to Europe) to lead this vast operation and to create an easy return process. Thanks to these local return centers and offices, you can return items for free, just like buying from a local jewelry shop!


What makes ottasilver unique?

We are a leading online retailer of high-end, unique, and affordable jewelry. Every ottasilver item is manufactured in Istanbul and New Jersey by craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience. Each of our collections represents one of our craftsmans’ works, and every purchase from our collections helps their trade thrive in the industrialized world. It is shipped directly to customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and all over the world. We don't have any physical stores; instead, we offer (free) shipping directly from the craftsman's hands to the customers. Due to this model, we can limit costs, and thus offer exceptionally affordable prices for unique jewelry

Our team members are also here to help if you have any questions, you'd like some style advice, or if you just want to say Hi. We’re looking forward to bringing you jewelry that will make you shine as bright as your smile :)



To provide unique, affordable men's jewelry prioritizing customer satisfaction. Every day. Everywhere.


To be the world's leading luxury men’s jewelry brand


Core Values:

- Customer satisfaction: This is our top priority

- Honesty & openness in relations: Maintain transparency and upright dealings with the community, customer, employee, and manufacturer

- Teamwork & communication: Maintain cooperation and contact with the aforementioned groups

- Humility in growth: Encourage the sharing of skills, knowledge, and experience

- Philanthropy: Continuously donate 5% of our profits to charities in need every month.

- Entrepreneurial spirit: Foster an environment where creativity, innovation, and the excitement of making an immediate impact lead us to success

- Simplicity: Limit bureaucracy to allow more affordable and streamlined, efficient process

- Expediency: We believe excellent and timely action is better than unnecessary and lengthy perfection


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