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Agate Aqeeq Stone Bracelet-OTTASILVER

Agate Aqeeq Stone Bracelet

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Length (cm)0.80
Width (cm)0.80
Weigth (gr)17.10
Style NumberQB101776
DescriptionAgath Stone Bracelet
Properties of Agath Stone
Agate, agate stone, which is known as yemen stone, is a stone with many colors. However, the most commonly known is red, blue and green. The agate stone is a natural stone extracted from many countries as well as having many colors. The cement grade is a stone that varies from 6.5 to 7. It is a natural stone that is semi-transparent or transparent. Besides these features, agate stone is a rare stone praised in the hadiths with turquoise (turquoise) stone. The agate stone prophet used it as a sire and recommended it to the Ummah with hadiths. Using agate is circumcision.
Strese is a well-discovered stone.
Good for teeth and bones. Protect against Nazara.
There is a protective effect from the negativity of the person carrying it.
Negative energy purifies the human and gives good happiness to man.
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