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Coral Natural Stone Rosy-OTTASILVER

Coral Natural Stone Rosy

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Coral Natural Stone Rosy-OTTASILVER

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Coral Natural Stone Rosy

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Regular Price: $58

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Length (cm)22
Width (cm)0.5
Weigth (gr)20.8
Style NumberQT105449
Description coral Natural Stone Rosary 33

coral and Silver Meetings goes up to the Qur'an.
Coral is one of the limited number of objects mentioned in the Qur'an. It is also referred to with the pearl and is one of the important blessings of Allah (c.c.). It's an organic stone. It consists of calcified skeletons of primitive organisms, coral polyps. It consists of limestone carbonate, magnesium fluoride and calcium.

It is known as the Coral Sea Liquor.

Coral Stone Benefits

When used in combination with silver and copper, it is more likely to be seen. If used in the form of necklaces and necklaces, it is recommended that the weight of the coral be about 10 grams. If it is used as a ring, it should be placed on the fourth finger of the right hand.

It is used for treatment of many skin diseases, especially psoriasis.

It strengthens the heart and the spleen.

It strengthens reputation among family and friends.

Being conscious and determined to be wasted helps to be strong against negative judgments.

It enables the determination to continue in the case of criticism and contradictions.

It strengthens the spiritual understanding of the person.

Corrects the lack of concentration.

It encourages the person to begin with a fear of disapproval.

It provides protection of purity and balance.

Especially red and pinkish is attractive against the nazara because it is remarkable.

For infants and children, it is considered protective and curative against childhood diseases.

Intelligence intelligence gives calmness, strengthens memory.

It keeps blood circulation system healthy and helps to treat blood related diseases.

It keeps the hormonal system stable and healthy.

It removes the negativity and the negative energy in the house and the family, and creates peace and spaciousness.

Why Tesbih Gift:

It has always been an important cultural heritage item in the two generations, which have been conveyed heart to heart to the linguistic world for centuries ... The Islamic-Turkish civilization has the identity of being an important milestone as a tool of prayer, culture motif and prayer. Beliefs and beliefs of the gods of prayer, for centuries made the process of praying, and the art of our old age civilization. The prayer beads that have been poured through the fingers of the masters of the gods for centuries have become an element that believers, and then commercial or non-commercial collectors, their hearts have dilated themselves from the dead.

It is a symbol of faithfulness and belief in the gift of the Rabbi Mertli, a gift that can be taken in men and women.

Why We Have a Tesbih:

Hz. During prayer and prayer at the time of Muhammad, palm kernel or

It is understood from some hadiths that pebbles are used. The Prophet in Islam

while doing the prayer the circumcised 'Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allahuekber'

words are repeated 33 times.