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Natural Stone Gray Quartz Rosary-OTTASILVER

Natural Stone Gray Quartz Rosary

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Natural Stone Gray Quartz Rosary-OTTASILVER

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Natural Stone Gray Quartz Rosary

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Regular Price: $70

Special Price $49

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Length (cm)0.80
Width (cm)0.8
Weigth (gr)37.50
Style NumberQT105466
DescriptionNatural Stone Gray Quartz Rosary

Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the world. Its chemical structure consists of silicon and oxygen. In addition to those in the crystalline structure, crystal structures are also invisible. These are dull or translucent. Crystal ones are glassy. It has a structure that is easily broken. In addition to being quartz jewelry stone, our daily life has a lot of work and usage area. It is used in various fields such as radio, radio and radar production, watches, optical instruments, glass and ceramics production. There are many precious stones in the country that are sub-variants of quartz. The quartz, which is usually white in color, is also found in colors such as yellow, brown, pink, blue, green and black. Quartz changes color according to the substances contained in it and is named with different names according to their color.

Gray Quartz & lt; / RTI & gt; Physical Benefits:

It is effective on hand and foot disorders.

It is effective against cramps.

Good for the nervous system, strengthens the nerves.

It creates a sense of trust and makes it open to new experiences.

It is effective against communication disturbances.

It provides the main focus of the person's experience.

It is effective in the conversion of negative energy.

The product will be sent to the gift box ... The product is completely natural stone.