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Return Policy

At OTTASILVER , we have a free fifteen-day return policy, so that if our customer is not satisfied with any product that they have received, they are able to get a refund of it without any hassle. The only requirements for the return policy are that;

-The product should be in its packaging,

-Without any breakage or worn out condition,

-It should look unused with no damage.

This time around we has made the return policy even easier and simpler so that the customer can easily shop from our website without any problem.

Collection and Return handling

Please send to email about your order , and you will be able to return your product only with one click. When you have sent your item back and need a refund, the item will be assessed for any harm by our satisfaction focus, and your refund will be prepared promptly to your Visa inside 7 to 10 working days.

For PayPal orders, the discount will be made within 2 working days. Other than that buys utilizing money down will be discounted through bank exchange or store credit, whatever suits the client.


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