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Why Aqeeq Stone Rings are so Important to Us?


Aqeeq is a rarely found ornamental stone. It is popular for its artistic designs on it but also for being one of the most valuable natural stones in the Arab world. The value of aqeeq stones is decided depending on the color and shape of the gemstone. This article included;

1.How Agate (Aqeeq) Stone Looks and What Kind of Aqeeq Stones Exist?

Aqeeq stone is not restricted to a single color, but is available in yellow, white, red, brown, black, pink and gray. The carved and naturally-evolved Agate stones don’t have the similar price. This gemstone is preferential in the Arabian market and typically ranges from bright orange to reddish orange.

It is also known as liver colored Aqeeq in the region. It is also known as liver colored Aqeeq in the region. What makes this natural stone stand out from other stones? Creation of natural shapes that resembles the Arabic words, artistic contours and the human figures!

Wearing a yemeni aqeeq ring help people get over the sadness and stress. Yemeni aqeeq stone jewelry has been used from many decades. This stone is also known as Carnelian stone and is recognized for its mental grounding power. By wearing a yemeni aqeeq ring, you’ll experience boost in your creativity and problem solving potential. It is advisable to wear aqeeq Yemeni silver rings to nourish your physical body and for better coordination between all body parts.

2.How and Where Aqeeq Stone can be Used: Aqeeq Fashion?

If you are thinking that the jewelry made from Agate stone is just for women then you are wrong, even men silver gemstone rings are made from this natural gemstone. These days most of the people are focusing on female fashion but there are some passionate designers who are exploring the opposite gender’s style too. Mens silver jewelry especially agate rings are in trend nowadays.

These can be paired up with Achkans, Sherwani or with any traditional as well as the semi-traditional outfit. Not only this, Aqeeq silver men rings can also be worn with formal attire but make sure that you choose a classy design and the right color. Agate stone is also worn in tasbihs in the Arab region, as per the different beliefs of the individuals.

3.How Aqeeq Stone is Produced?

Aqeeq stone can be found in different parts of the world. The most popular varieties in terms of shapes and colors, due to which this natural gemstone is renowned, arrive all the way from Yemen, Germany, India, and Latin America.

Agates are extracted from the depths of the mountains, chiefly the volcanic ones. For the extraction of agates, extraordinary efforts are required because the rocks need to be carved with the help of various iron equipment.

Only the inheritors and experts of this tradition have the knowledge about the locations of the best stones, at a deepness level less than 10 m and 8 meters. Subsequent to extraction, these natural gemstones are unsoiled, washed and broken. After this, following steps are followed:

•         Defects are removed and dimensions are set as per the demand

•         Gemstones are then warmed to an assured temperature

•         Shape is given to the stones

•         Scratches caused by the earlier stage are removed

•         Agate stones are polished till they become flat

•         Shiny and bright facade is made

After this process, these bright and shiny gemstones are used to make beautiful, precious and expensive jewelry.

4.Benefits of Aqeeq Stone

While it is not a medicine, some believe that Aqeeq stone have some benefits for mental and physical health of human beings. Here are some benefits of wearing an aqeeq stone ring or any aqeeq stone jewelry:

·         Produces joy in the heart

·         Good for eyesight

·         Helps in illuminating sadness and anger

·         Absorbs the rays of the sun and passes these onto the body

(For more information about this: 9 Reasons to Wear a Silver Aqeeq Stone Ring [Updated Version])

5.Zodiac, Birthsones and Aqeeq

The conventional birthstone chart links Agate with Taurus as well as Gemini zodiac signs. The spiritual along with a mystical understanding of birthstones also relates Agate with Gemini. Although Agate is only a supporting stone of this sign but it has great benefits.

By adding together, we can articulate that the necessity to stand confidently with your spirits high but actions confined to earth, it is most excellently acknowledged by the earth signs of the horoscope. For that reason, more or less inexplicably, agate jewelries always find their line to the mineral collections of numerous people with Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus as zodiac signs. If you don’t know your Zodiac Sign then, Aqeeq is suitable for the people born in January, February, May, June and July.

Other than all of this, if you are looking the gorgeous gift, a silver aqeeq ring will always be well appreciated and memorable gift for any person whether male or female.

6.How to Identify Aqeeq Stone?

Majority of people recognize aqeeq as a highly polished stone. There are numerous stones that look like aqeeq but they aren’t in real. In order to identify agate stone, it is imperative to pay attention to its color, texture and process quality. The natural red agate color is clear. Surface brightness is good for high-quality agate stones.

7.How to Find Aqeeq Stone Jewelry?

Considering all these above, it is natural to ask where to find and how to find jewelries with aqeeq stone. First of all, you can search for local jewelry and accessory shops and find various jewelries made of aqeeq stone (agate stone) such as aqeeq stone rings, aqeeq stone bracelets, aqeeq stone tasbihs (33 beads prayer tasbihs / aqeeq rosaries). What is more, if you are curious about where to find silver agate rings, aqeeq tasbihs and men’s aqeeq stone rings, you can check internet and find various online stores.

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