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Sterling Silver Tassel Green Crimson Amber Rosary-OTTASILVER

Sterling Silver Tassel Green Crimson Amber Rosary

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Sterling Silver Tassel Green Crimson Amber Rosary-OTTASILVER

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Sterling Silver Tassel Green Crimson Amber Rosary

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Regular Price: $135

Special Price $102

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Regular Price: $135

Special Price $102


Additional Information

Length (cm)1.00
Width (cm)0.50
Weigth (gr)9.10
Style NumberQT105482
Stone -
DescriptionSilver Tassel Green Crimson Amber Rosary

Amber is referred to as a stone and is a fossilized state of resins. Fossilized creatures were also found in the amber as a result of the examinations made. In the compound of amber which is accepted as medicinal stone, there are oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and succinic acid. When amber is examined in terms of structure, it is the first feature that attracts attention that this stone is extremely transparent. The ultra softness and lightness it possesses are some of the properties of the amber. Amber is present in two colors in terms of formation. These are yellow in color. But it is not yellow, but reddish yellow. The green amber is colored. If it is the amber color it is amber with a dull yellow color. Another name for this kind of amber is aged amber. Amber stone is considered as a healing stone due to its effects. The amber stone, which is described as medicinal because of its effects on human health, has many positive effects on the body.

Asthma prevents respiratory diseases such as bronchitis.

Pain is reduced when it is applied to places with pain. It is especially effective in rheumatic pain.

It's good against psychological obsession.

It helps the digestive tract to work properly, especially in the intestines.

It protects mental health, eliminates melancholic mood, absorbs negative air in the environment, turns negative energy into positive energy and gives a feeling of relaxation.

Width: 0.50 cm

Height: 1.00 cm

Weight: 9.10 gr

Product Length: 28.00 cm

The product will be sent to the gift box ... All of our products are handmade and can deviate ± 5% from weight due to precious stones.