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Sterling Silver Waw Tassel Amethyst Rosary-OTTASILVER

Sterling Silver Waw Tassel Amethyst Rosary

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Sterling Silver Waw Tassel Amethyst Rosary-OTTASILVER

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Sterling Silver Waw Tassel Amethyst Rosary

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Regular Price: $117

Special Price $88

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Length (cm)0.70
ThemeLetter Wav
Width (cm)0.80
Weigth (gr)33.40
Style NumberQT105489
DescriptionSilver Vav Tassel Amethyst Rosary

Amethyst, which has been used by many civilizations for centuries and preserved its value as a day-to-day, has been one of the most precious stones in almost every period. In various cultures it is defined as "purple ruby", "purple najaf" and sometimes "love stone".
Amethyst stone; like all precious stones, are used in the making and carving of jewelery, ornaments and jewelery. In jewelery and jewelery, dark purple Amethyst, which is believed to give healing and positive energy, comes forward.
It is a stone that is widely used in the construction of prayer beads because of the strong energy it gives to the skin and its stunning colors. Rejuvenating effects, stimulating positive minds, and refreshing the energy of the body make it desirable for the amethyst-processed chameleons. Not only the body, but the positive energy that the stone carries is also influential when it comes to the great demand of the amethyst stone.
Amethyst is one of the most popular species of the Quartz group, separated from its purple violet or blue-violet color. The color is yellow in color. For this reason it is said that the yellow quartz ores are burnt amethyst. In addition, the color-changing nature of the stone is regarded as a sign of its mysterious nature.
His name comes from the word "methuskein" which means "destroyed drunkenness" in Greek. At that time, it was believed that anyone who drank a cup of amethyst would not be drunk because it was the stone's owner from drunkenness. The stone was received from the source of this belief is now known as a "mindstone".

Benefits of the Amethyst Stone

For centuries, the stone with its healing and protective qualities, purple color is known as the most gentle and strongest protector. Dark purple and very light amethysts were considered the most powerful positive energy providers.
It cleans the negative energy in the surrounding environment and transforms it into positive energy. Even just standing in the room is enough to collect negative energy and convert it to positive energy.
There is a soothing effect of the thoughts that disturb the person. Especially dark amber or very light amethysts have the strongest energy.
It has a refreshing effect on many people. The energy you save always benefits and protects you from negativity.
It creates harmony and balance in the energy focuses on. The energy it carries directly affects the nervous system.
When used together with pink quartz strengthens the mind.
It allows the skin cells and thus the beauty of the skin.
It is effective against eye diseases, allergies, migraines and other headaches and heart diseases.
Because it carries a negative electric charge; It increases the brain power by collecting the excess electrical charge in the body.
Insomnia is good for attractiveness. It prevents sleeping as well as sleeping problems.
Strengthens endocrine and immune system, cleans blood.
It is recommended to use against depression.

Width: 0.80 cm
Height: 0.70 cm
Weight: 33.40 gr
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