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A New Shisha Trend: Silver Hookah Mouth Tips!

What is Hookah?

Hookah is a single or multi-stemmed smoking instrument used for smoking. There are two types of hookahs; one is the traditional type which you can see in the hookah bars and the new ones are the hookah pens. Are you aware about these new pens?

Hookah Pens are basically the e-cigarettes which have a battery, cartridge, microprocessor as well as LED Lights. When the smoker takes a drag, it is detected by the sensors; the microprocessor controls the heater as well as the light, so at that time heater vaporizes and LED lights up.

In traditional Hookahs, the hookah pipe houses divide chambers for the tobacco and water. The bendable more than one tubing stems allow people to inhale the tobacco smoke.

Why people Enjoy Hookah?

It is basically tobacco, and tobacco has nicotine in it which makes people addicted to smoking and it makes them always want to yearn for it. People find is tasty because it is available in flavors of molasses, fruit pulp, or honey and has had additional flavor added, such as coconut, fruit flavors, mint or coffee. Not only this but a lot of people smoke hookah because they don't think it is harmful. They think they are inhaling harmless water vapor

People from which Countries like the Use of Shisha?

The Hookah was originated in India and It soon traveled west to Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, parts of Canada, Britain, where it gained mass popularity. A lot of hookah lounges are owned as well as functioned by people from the Arab world origin or from the other regions where the use of shisha is a centuries old custom. Numerous hookah lounges integrate such elements as Islamic decor along with Arabic music or Indian music.

What does Hookah Include?

Hookah contains a number of components which are essential for its operation.

Bowl: It is also known as the head of the hookah. It is a container, generally made up of clay, marble or glass which contains the coal as well as tobacco at the time of smoking. Bowls have developed in the recent years to integrate innovative designs that keep juices in the tobacco from running down the hookah stem.

Windscreen: It is a cover which sits above the bowl area, with a few forms of air holes. Windscreen prevents the wind from raising the burn rate along with the temperature of coal, moreover, puts off the ash from being blown in the surroundings.

Hose: The hose is a slim and flexible tube to facilitate the smoke to be drawn for a distance and cooling down prior to inhalation. The end is typically fitted with a metal, wooden, or plastic mouth tip of different shapes, size, color, and material.

How the Shisha Works?

The tobacco chamber of a hookah has a bowl which consists of burning charcoal on the apex of the flavored tobacco. Characteristically, the charcoal is estranged from the tobacco by perforated aluminum foil.

The charcoal heats up the tobacco below, which ultimately creates smoke. When the person who is smoking, draws on the stem of the hookah, the smoke of tobacco is pulled all the way through the water chamber, where it is cooled before being breathed in by the smoker's lungs with the help of hookah mouth tip.

What are Shisha Mouth Tips?

Mouth Tips are the extension attached to the hookah pipes, used to inhale the vapors. The spreading of communicable disease while smoking shisha from the same mouth tip is really common. Our health should be our priority while having fun, so it is advisable to make use of “protection” even when smoking with a close loop of friends, as you, by no means know where their mouths have been.

There are different types of shisha mouth tips in order to fit all sizes of hookah hoses. Most of the people use disposable hookah mouth tips. Do you know about the shisha silver mouth tips? Yes, you read it right! Mouth tips made of silver are really beautiful and have the classy appearance. It is also available in the different shapes in order to fit as per the hose of the hookah.

Shisha mouth tips are also available with the carved heads and exclusive designs moreover; gemstones can also be embedded on them for enhancing their appearance. You can reuse the silver shisha tips but make sure that nobody else uses your mouth tip because your safety must be your priority. Silver hookah mouth tips augment the exterior of a hookah which looks more traditional and antique.

Advantages of Silver Mouth Tips

Silver hookah mouth tip is made of the same durable metal as a hookah shafts
It is light and durable
Silver hookah mouth tip looks cool
Easy to clean and maintain
If you are unable to find these beautiful Silver hookah mouth tips then you need not worry and click here. Voila! Here are the beauties you were wishing for. Choose the gorgeous companion and flaunt your style amongst your friends with silver mouth tips.


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