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Turquoise Natural Stone-OTTASILVER

Turquoise Natural Stone

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Turquoise Natural Stone-OTTASILVER

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Turquoise Natural Stone

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Regular Price: $58

Special Price $39


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Length (cm)25
Width (cm)0.5
Weigth (gr)29.5
Style NumberQT105447
DescriptionTurquoise Natural Stone
It is said that the name of the turquoise stone used in jewelry making since ancient Egypt came from the word 'Turk'.
Turquoise stone is a very healing stone that strengthens the body. It takes its place in the first place among the stones that can be given as a gift because of its beautiful appearance. This healing stone is a stone that brings happiness to us, reflecting the colorful shades of dark blue and green to us as a wonderful fan.

Usefulness of Turquoise Stone
For those who have digestive problems; can be used as belt buckle, bracelet or ring.
Blood pressure problems can be used and heart disease is good.
It regulates blood flow and blood pressure in your body.
It is known that it is good for cardiovascular diseases.
Those who experience anxiety will be well and calm anxiety.
It helps the griefed and sad people feel good.
It helps to increase the wisdom of the person.
The person hinders the evil eye and is effective against the nazara.
As jewelry, every day is a stone that can be used. Especially when buried in silver, the effect increases and stabilizes.

Why Tesbih Gift Should be
It has always been an important cultural heritage item in the two generations, which have been conveyed heart to heart to the linguistic world for centuries ... The Islamic-Turkish civilization has the identity of being an important milestone as a tool of prayer, culture motif and prayer. Beliefs and beliefs of the gods of prayer, for centuries made the process of praying, and the art of our old age civilization. The prayer beads that have been poured through the fingers of the masters of the gods for centuries have become an element that believers, and then commercial or non-commercial collectors, their hearts have dilated themselves from the dead.
It is a symbol of faithfulness and belief in the gift of the Rabbi Mertli, a gift that can be taken in men and women.
This stylish and graceful paired wife will be a valuable gift for your mother and your father and your friends.

Why We Have a Tesbih Capture
Hz. It is understood from some hadiths that the palm kernel or pebble was used during prayer and prayer during the time of Muhammad. In Islam, the Sunnah of the Prophet's prayers is repeated 33 times, 'Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allahüekber'.