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Why Turkish TV Series are So Popular in the Arab World?

The popularity of Turkish TV Series in many countries raise questions like why Turkish TV Series are so popular and what are the reasons for Turkish TV Series' popularity?

In this post we will answer why Turkish TV Series are popular and why so many people want to watch Turkish TV series with English subtitles, or Arabic subtitles?

In the 21st century, movies and TV Series and are among the most influential means of cultural interaction among societies from different countries. Today, when we turn on the TV or as we surf on the internet, we face various TV series and movies produced in foreign countries. While there are many countries that produce and export TV series, some of them stand out compared to others, namely Turkey and the United States of America.

Turkey is the fastest TV series exporter in the world and the 2nd biggest TV Series exporter after the US. In many countries from Arab world, from Latin America and Balkans Turkish TV series are very popular and people watch them either via the internet or TV. It is estimated that more than half of the viewers in Arab countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have seen at least one of the Turkish TV series in their life.

Then, what is the reason for the popularity of Turkish TV Series in the Arab world?

Well, it is obvious that no single reason can be stated for such a complex phenomenon. However, we can figure out some tentative factors that cause Turkish TV series to be so popular in the world.

The first of all, Turkish TV series are quality productions due to the powerful financial resources. The locations used for production sets are generally, luxurious mansions, royal palaces and various historical places. What is more, most of the TV series are produced in Istanbul, a city full of beautiful natural landscapes and historical structures.

Secondly, the actors in the TV series are generally quite charismatic with their good looking, dresses, their postures, and their body languages. Besides, they do not look far different from Arab people and due to the similarity, viewers feel themselves closer to the characters.

Thirdly, Turkish TV series carry the cultural values of Turkish society that have similarities with Arab societies. For example, the family structure in which the father is the head of house and the importance of family relations are quite popular themes of the Turkish TV series.

Fourthly, Turkish TV Series mostly involve intense and sensational male – female relations. Themes of forbidden love, impossible love and treason that attracts attention and create excitement of the viewers are quite popular in Turkish TV series. What is more, in Turkish TV dramas, tensions related with traditional social and cultural norms are used to complicate the scenario. The affair between the rape victim and one of the participants of rape in the famous show “What is Fatmagul's Fault?" (فاطمة) ; and relation between Bihter and Behlul in Forbidden Love (العشق الممنوع) are important examples in this regard.

Last but not least, there is another sort of TV series which focus on heroism, patriotism and bravery more rather than love and sexuality. Most prominent examples of this kind is Valley of the Wolves and Resurrection Ertuğrul (قيامة ارطغرل).

These series involve struggle with anti-imperial powers and their malicious plans on the Middle East and Anatolia, which reflect a strong and common feeling among the people of Turkey and Arab countries.

Just remember Valley of the Wolves: Iraq and think how much it reflects the common feelings of Turkish people and Arab people. Then think about the Valley of the Wolves: Palestine. How many movies are produced related with the Palestinian Issue including high quality combat scenes and high levels of bravery and heroism of Muslim characters?

It is obvious there are still more to say about Turkish TV Series and different issues related with them. Just stay in touch with us and wait for our next posts.

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