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OTTASILVER Transactional Guide

Transactional Guide

Order Steps

Steps for making electronic purchases:

  • You can shop quickly on our website by becoming a member or without a membership.
  • After determining the products you want to buy, you can add them to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. The purpose of the shopping cart is to provide convenience by eliminating the obligation to purchase immediately upon selection by the customer.
  • In your Shopping Cart, you can see the price and other information related to the product. In addition, you can change the quantities of the products and remove them from your cart. Product prices and amount information include VAT.
  • You can purchase the products in your cart in 3 different ways: full payment by credit card, installment payment by credit card or discounted payment by bank transfer. After choosing the payment method, a detail screen appears according to the chosen payment method. Enter the required information and click the "Purchase" button.
  • If you choose to pay with a credit card; as soon as you confirm the order, the information reaches the network processing mechanism (SSL) where banks that make or receive payment approve or reject the transaction through a special online transition. If your credit card information is valid, your order will be accepted. The payment for the products you purchased reaches us through the bank. If the order is completed successfully, an email containing information about the order is sent to the customer. The purchased product is delivered to the person receiving the order, by one of the previously agreed-upon reliable shipping companies chosen by the customer, upon showing their identification.
  • At the end of these processes, the system will automatically give you an order number and direct you to the order tracking module. This number must be recorded for later payment and order tracking processes.
  • You can check the status of your orders at any time with the help of the order tracking module.

Storage of the Agreement

The Distance Sales Agreement between ottasilver.com and the buyer regarding the purchased product or service is sent to you along with the order confirmation email. These documents are also stored in the records of ottasilver.com.

Order and Information Arrangement

During the order stages, you can see the address, payment information, etc. in the order summary section and make arrangements in these sections, go back to the previous order step, and make adjustments there as well.

Privacy Policy

Information regarding privacy policies is clearly stated in the "Privacy and Security" section at the bottom of our website, at the link https://www.ottasilver.com/cookieandprivacypolicy.

Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

In case of a dispute related to a complaint, the consumer can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Boards or Consumer Courts. Monetary limits related to the competence and jurisdiction of consumer arbitration boards in disputes are as follows:

  • District Consumer Arbitration Boards for disputes under 6,920 (six thousand nine hundred twenty) Turkish Lira.
  • Provincial Consumer Arbitration Boards for disputes between 6,920 (six thousand nine hundred twenty) Turkish Lira and 10,390 (ten thousand three hundred ninety) Turkish Lira in metropolitan cities.
  • Provincial Consumer Arbitration Boards for disputes under 10,390 (ten thousand three hundred ninety) Turkish Lira in non-metropolitan city centers.
  • Provincial Consumer Arbitration Boards for disputes between 6,920 (six thousand nine hundred twenty) Turkish Lira and 10,390 (ten thousand three hundred ninety) Turkish Lira in districts affiliated with non-metropolitan cities.

For disputes exceeding these values, applications should be made to consumer courts, not consumer arbitration boards. The competent authority is the consumer arbitration board and consumer court located in the place of residence of the consumer or where the consumer transaction took place.

In case of a dispute, you may also resort to alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation, which are accepted in our country.

Alternative dispute resolution methods are known to be faster, more economical, and more effective. Applying to these resolution methods will not eliminate your right to resort to legal resolution methods.

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