The Radiant Gem of the Beryl Family: A Look into Emerald

The stone of mythology and legends Emerald is one of the four most valuable stones in the world. (Other precious stones are Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Stones other than these are considered to be semi-precious stones. This gas is like rotten eggs. The presence of pyrite in the stone is often important to distinguish natural lapis lazuli from many lap imitations. The most valuable lapis lazuli stone is taken out in Afghanistan. In addition, America, Pakistan, Canada, Siberia, Angola, Chile, and Switzerland is also released.

The emerald was believed to rain because the color was green. Emerald stone has been used as jewelry for centuries. Emerald mines in ancient Egypt, BC. It goes back to 1650. Emerald has traditionally been regarded as the birthstone of May. Also in some cultures, emerald is known as a traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. Loyalty Stone.

The emerald, a species of the Beryl mine, is a flawless stone. It is softer than other precious stones. It doesn't shine too much like the other stones. Its color is eye-catching and very impressive stone. This gem, which is green and transparent, is a precious jewel. It gives peace and happiness.

The emerald that does not have the power to break and emit light is not too bright compared to other gemstones. The finest emeralds, including the British Royal Jewels, are exported from Colombia.

Emeralds are formed in the veins together with calcite and pyrite. Pure emeralds are very rare. Emerald crystals usually contain other minerals and small stains.

Emerald has many types of cut like diamonds. However, the most preferred is the “Emerald” segment, which is the shape of the cut it gives its name. Emerald maintenance is also important. It must be lubricated periodically to restore color and smooth surface.

The Emerald, which is transparent in glass brightness, is a very hard mineral. According to the Mohs hardness scale, the hardness degree is 7.5-8. Emerald can host many shades of green. The most valuable tone is grass green. But he named it in the color and is called emerald green. Even though Emeralds in lighter or darker shades are as valuable as grass, they are less valuable than those in green. The most valuable Emeralds are extracted in Zambia. It is also extracted from Colombia, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, India, Egypt, Russia, and the United States.

Another criterion that determines the quality and value of the emerald is its transparency. Also, those with stains or cracks on them are less valuable. These criteria are important when buying emeralds. To distinguish a quality emerald is of course constant with the experience of experts. For this reason, it is best to shop from places you can trust.