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Agate stones, aqeeq stones or akik stones are one of the most widely used gemstones in jewelries and men’s accessories. In this post we will answer questions like;

A Polished Banded Agate From Mexico

1.What are aqeeq rings?

Aqeeq stone or agate stone is a type of silica stone, available in many colours. They are usually banded or striped. Aqeeq stone has a lower vibration intensity than other stones. Ageeq stone is believed to have numerous influences on human mind.

2.Why people prefer to wear aqeeq stone rings?

It has been worn as amulets or used as ornaments for a long time. These days, aqeeq stones engraved in 925k sterling silver rings and yemeni aqeeq rings are very common. Men’s aqeeq stone rings are more common than women’s are.

It is more about belief and the effects of stones are more visible on some people than others; but the benefits are too many to ignore. Some of the reasons why one should wear agate rings are as follows.

(For more information about agate stone ring for eternal youth [includes all colors])

3.What are the aqeeq stone benefits?

Agate stone has been known to believe as a means of providing protection. In ancient times, warriors used to get agate engraved to their breastplate to be protected.

This trend is still continued in other forms. Sterling silver agate stone rings are sported and thought of as protectors against physical and spiritual harms.

(Please remember that this is not a medical prescription. Agate stones are believed to aid spiritually.)

3-1.Creative and intellectual benefits:

This powerful stone is worn by students as a means of enhancing their creativity and intelligence. It helps improve imagination and concentration. Aqeeq stones are helpful to writers in expressing their thoughts better.

3-2.Peace of mind:

Sterling Silver Ageeq jewelries give satisfaction and help lower desires for things a person does not have. It gives a sense of satisfaction and especially, aid those who keep juggling with various jobs. They also help in getting over anxiety.

Aqeeq stones are solid and stable. Therefore, silver aqeeq rings and aqeeq silver jewelries also display these properties in the wearer. Agate stone rings are said to instill maturity and a sense of stability in individuals.

3-3.Good luck charm:

Men’s silver rings are often ornamented with aqeeq stones. A look around us shows that mens aqeeq stone rings are mostly worn as good luck charms. They are believed to bring good luck, wealth, health, strength and peace to a person.

3-4.Emotional benefits:

Ageeq stone silver jewelries are believed to bring a sense of security. They are also thought of as inviting self-confidence to a person while helping him overcome his fears.

It gives emotional strength to fight against difficult emotional situations and also keeping one’s cool in aggressive situations.

Silver agate stone rings are believed to eradicate unnecessary feelings of superiority and arrogance. They bring humility and gentleness to human nature.

3-5.Instilling sincerity:

Agate stone is also said to make a person more loyal to his spouse. Silver agate rings or ornaments promote fidelity in marriage and stronger bond between the partners.

3-6.Healing properties:

Agate stone has spiritual properties that are believed to help overcome many illnesses. They help get over insomnia, stomach aches, tooth and gum issues, and toxin build ups in the body.

special design exclusive handmade silver ring with Agate Aqeeq

Special Design Exclusive Handmade Silver Aqeeq Ring

Considering the advantages of wearing a 925k sterling silver ageeq stone ring, you may wonder where to buy a silver ageeq ring or how to buy a sterling silver ring with agate stone. Ottasilver Boutique Online Silver Jewelry Store is a good option for you to buy mens ageeq rings.

4-Where to buy sterling silver aqeeq ring?

You can shop online on Ottasilver for boutique and unique silver aqeeq stone rings for men and other men’s silver accessories with agate stone. Ottasilver Boutique Online Jewelry Shop offers free shipping worldwide and provide with good customer care.

With an availability in a wide range of colours, the beautiful stone is as fashionable as it is beneficial. You will experience and feel the advantages of silver aqeeq stone rings when you use them.

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Gold Plated Yemani Aqeeq Handmade Ring

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